Monday, December 26, 2011

best samurai sword

best samurai sword

you will ask me : Who are the best samurai sword makers in the world?
yes, it is katana sword. katana sword is the best japanese swords. here is some picture of this "best swords"

this is the best katana sword

cheap samurai swords
japanese swords

cheap samurai swords katana
cheap samurai sword
( katana sword use for samurai, and it has always been one of the best swords. )
when it comes to samurai would have a lot of people relate to ninja,  So the best swords of ninja what ?
best ninja sword is... i dont know . because i only love samurai .( just for funs )

best samurai sword ever made in japanese 1967

best samurai sword ever made

This sword was created in 1976 and today it is considered an ancient sword best,most sophisticated left behind long ago. refined metal from the best, hardest, no rust, according to some sources the surface layer of the katana is also coated a layer of diamond dust.....

how to buy Japanese swords

if you're in Japan it's really easy. even if no conditions and time slot you can orderonline. it's really cheap. cheap samurai swords .

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